Water Renewal

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History of the Department

Thirty years ago a group of City leaders and managers of local industry set forth a remarkable partnership whereby the City of Hopewell and five major industries would join together on a common environmental mission: to clean up the combined industrial and domestic renewable waters of the Hopewell area while meeting or exceeding all environmental standards. This was no easy task but by cooperation and communication, the “first of its kind” regional water renewal facility began treating a combined waste stream in the summer of 1977. Since then a lot has changed, but not cooperation and communication.

Local industry and the City continue to work together to reduce toxic discharges and find new and innovative ways to improve the treatment plant’s effectiveness and efficiency to better protect the James River. There’s always more to be done when it comes to cleaning up the environment and with the combined resources and support of the local government, industry, and the citizens of Hopewell we shall remain vigilant to our mission of protecting the environment.