Park Rules

The City of Hopewell is fortunate to have an expansive and diverse park system including more than 200 acres of park land. The City's park system includes unique facilities like the Hopewell Riverwalk, the Riverside Park Greenway Trail, and the Hopewell City Marina. The park system also offers amenities like playgrounds, trails, pavilions, river access points, and athletic facilities.

Know the Rules

Make sure you know what activities are allowed in our public parks before visiting. For most sites, rules are posted at a main point of entry in a conspicuous location. If no signage is visible, please follow the general rules for park use listed below.

General Guidelines

  • Parks are closed from dusk until dawn unless otherwise posted
  • Children should be supervised at all times
  • Animals must be kept on a leash at all times unless otherwise posted
  • Refuse should be deposited in an appropriate receptacle
  • Take only pictures and leave only footprints

Prohibited Activities on Park Property

  • Hunting, trapping, and use of snares
  • Operating motorized vehicles outside of designated areas
  • Relic hunting
  • Building campfires
  • Camping
  • Use of dangerous items like paintball guns, airsoft guns, slingshots or other equipment designed to launch projectiles
  • Removing natural or man-made items from any park property
  • Commercial sales and/or advertising
  • Playing amplified music or sound in violation of the noise ordinance
  • Use of glass bottles or containers
  • Use of tobacco products in the general vicinity of playgrounds, athletic fields, restroom/concession buildings, and trails

Special Considerations

Please note that some activities, including but not limited to, swimming, fishing, skateboarding, cycling, skating, and other activities may be restricted in certain areas.

Don't Trash Hopewell

Hopewell has teamed up with PlanRVA and other Central Virginia communities to promote the Don't Trash Central Virginia campaign. Keep an eye out for these signs around the City and remember to dispose of all refuse responsibly. Help us keep our city beautiful and our waterways clean by doing your part!

Report a Concern

Help us keep our parks looking good! Please report all maintenance concerns using the following methods: