Report a Concern


In case of emergency, call 911.


Urgent, after-hours, non-emergency requests for service may be reported to the Hopewell Police Department's non-emergency, 24-hour number: 804-541-2222.

MyCivic 311

The Tyler Incident Management portal provides citizens the ability to submit concerns via the City Website or with the “MyCivic 311” app. This enables two-way communication between citizens and City staff. It also helps inform Councilors of issues in their respective Wards. If you do not know the Ward you are located in, please click the Ward map below to look up your Ward number prior to submitting your request. Issues may be submitted anonymously. Citizens are able to check this website for updates on any requests submitted.

Some of the expected popular issues are potholes, code enforcement, drainage issues, nuisance complaints, barking dogs, missed garbage collection, street lights, street signs, street sweeping, speeding in neighborhoods, sewer issues, tall grass, and toters.

To better serve you with your non-emergency request, please look up your ward on our Ward Map (PDF) to identify your ward prior to submitting your service request.

Submit Concerns Online

To report a concern, visit the Service Request Access website.

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